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Innovate Hosting provides software licensing services and software deployments/installations for the following vendors.

Innovate Hosting is a reliable information and Communication Technology service provider. We use innovate Hosting for various ICT services which include our information security infrastructure and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and deployments for our branch network.

F. Mupandenyama

Zimre Holdings Limited

Travel Router recommends Innovate Hosting as a web hosting provider as we have had uninterrupted service since our engagement in the year 2017. We proudly second their services to you.

Lesly Tafirenyika

Director Travel Router

We are pleased to inform you that our organization uses the ICT services of Inovate Hosting services have proven to be invaluable for assuring smooth running of the organization's ICT infrastructure.

Obediah Mpofu

IT Manager INTERPOL Regional Bureau For Southern Africa