Network Security Solutions

Innovate Hosting provides comprehensive network security solutions for the enterprise, large business and SOHO. The security solutions bring together the most advanced technology available to make protecting your network easier than ever before. Our products are built on the most reliable platforms and are engineered to provide the highest levels of performance, stability and confidence. The information security solutions include firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, antivirus and content filtering systems.

Fortinet’s high-performance network security platform has solutions for the core (internal segmentation), the edge (nextGENERATION firewall), and access (secure access). The network operating system is flexible enough for deployments of all sizes and environments, from carriers to small businesses.

Enterprise Firewall Solution to Protect Your Entire Network

Today, the enterprise perimeter has been stretched so far that it’s no longer recognizable. In addition to network size and footprint, larger enterprises must consider users and deployment needs. From the mobile workforce to the data center, public and private clouds, and the Internet of Things (IoT)—the attack surface has increased dramatically, making the extended enterprise more difficult to define and secure. Threat actors—motivated by easy money—are targeting the weakest points in enterprise networks with automated attack processes designed to gain access to sensitive information for ransom or sale on the black market.

New Class of Firewall – Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW)

Most firewall development over the past decade has been focused on the border, the Internet edge, perimeter (hostfirewall), endpoint, data center (DMZ) or the cloud. This started with the stateful firewall but has evolved to include Unified Threat Management (UTM) for distributed networks, which brought together the firewall, intrusion detection and antivirus. Later came the Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), which included intrusion prevention, and application control for the Internet edge. More recently because of the huge increase in speeds, Data Center Firewalls (DCFW) have arrived to provide more than 100Gbps of throughput. All of these firewalls have in common an approach designed to protect from the “outside-in.”

Small Business – 100 Employees or Less

Small businesses need cost-effective security that provides robust protections and ease of use. Check Point brings its long-standing history of security expertise to a range of solutions optimized for the unique demands of small businesses.

Constrained by budgets, resources

Few small businesses have money to burn on complex security solutions—or the staff to manage them. Yet, in a world of ever-changing threats, even small businesses need comprehensive, advanced protections against cyber-attacks. In fact, 60 percent of small businesses close within six months of being attacked. The best choice for a small business without a dedicated security team is a simple device that covers all the bases and works out of the box. In short, the key ingredients include:

  • Affordability—A cost easily absorbed on a limited budget
  • Ease of use—Can be set up and deployed in minutes, and offers hands-free management for those who need it
  • Peace of mind—Provides reliable security with minimal intervention or management
Do not compromise security for performance

A common problem small businesses face when it comes to deploying robust protections is performance. Most often, vendor bandwidth claims fall short when put to the real-world test. As a result, as Internet speeds degrade over time, security services are often disabled to compensate for lack of performance. This opens up the business to cyber-attacks.

The Check Point 700 Appliances provide unparalleled security without the performance degradation witnessed by other firewalls. So, small businesses can maintain full Internet performance and deploy the strongest protections for their business.

How We Can Help

Small Business Appliances

Our small business appliances are simple and easy to use, ideal for any small office with limited IT budgets and resources. You can manage the appliances via a simplified web-based local management or centrally via our Cloud Managed Security Service.

Security Management Portal for SMB Partners

The Security Management Portal (SMP), with its intuitive web-based user interface, enables managed service providers to provision security efficiently for small businesses. This creates a new revenue streams by providing managed network security services to their customers.

Advanced defenses for advanced attacks


Stop more threats with the threat-focused 5500-X NGFW Beat sophisticated cyber attacks with a superior security appliance. We offer the industry’s first threat-focused next-generation firewall (NGFW), the ASA 5500-X Series. Get better protection against today’s sophisticated attacks. Stop more threats, gain more insight into your environment, and protect your digital business initiatives. Cisco Firepower Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) threat appliances combine superior visibility, embedded security intelligence, automated analysis, and industry-leading threat effectiveness.

Unrivaled Security, Simplicity, and Insight


  • SBlocks unknown threats with a comprehensive suite of advanced protection including IPS, ATP, Sandboxing, Dual AV, Web and App Control, Anti-phishing, a full-featured Web Application Firewall and more.
  • Automatically responds to incidents by instantly identifying and isolating infected systems until they can be cleaned up.
  • Exposes hidden risks on your network including unknown apps, top risk users, advanced threats, suspicious payloads and much more.
Secure networks start here. With thousands of enterprises using pfSense software, it is rapidly becoming the world's most trusted open source network security solution.

Enterprise, Open Source SOLUTIONS

Providing comprehensive network security solutions for the enterprise, large business and SOHO, pfSense solutions bring together the most advanced technology available to make protecting your network easier than ever before. Our products are built on the most reliable platforms and are engineered to provide the highest levels of performance, stability and confidence. With open source security solution, there are no recurring licensing costs.

Firewall Features

  • Filtering by source and destination IP, IP protocol, source and destination port for TCP and UDP traffic
  • Limit simultaneous connections on a per-rule basis
  • Option to log or not log traffic matching each rule.
  • Highly flexible policy routing possible by selecting gateway on a per-rule basis (for load balancing, failover, multiple WAN, etc.)
  • Aliases allow grouping and naming of IPs, networks and ports. This helps keep your firewall ruleset clean and easy to understand, especially in environments with multiple public IPs and numerous servers.
  • Transparent layer 2 firewalling capable - can bridge interfaces and filter traffic between them, even allowing for an IP-less firewall (though you probably want an IP for management purposes).
  • Works With Mobile & Smart Phones
Smoothwall opensource firewall with no recurring licensing costs

Firewall Features

  • Supports LAN, DMZ, and Wireless networks, plus External.
  • External connectivity via: Static Ethernet, DHCP Ethernet, PPPoE, PPPoA using various

USB and PCI DSL modems.

  • Portforwards, DMZ pin-holes
  • Outbound filtering
  • Timed access
  • Simple to use Quality-of-Service (QoS)
  • Traffic stats, including per interface and per IP totals for weeks and months
  • IDS via automatically updated Snort rules
  • Responsive web interface using AJAX techniques to provide realtime information
  • All rules have an optional Comment field for ease of use
  • Log viewers for all major sub-systems and firewall activity